E-Bangladesh is under emergency construction

Please let E-Bangladesh come back after emergency construction.

It is noted that one of the latest posts of E-Bangladesh was spammed from Japan. The post was forced to receive about one lakh twenty eight thousand comments. While deleting all the comments the database was collapsed. That is why we need to bring it back from the backup.

I hope, E-Bangladesh will come back within few days.

One response to “E-Bangladesh is under emergency construction

  1. I am utterly socked, frustrated and bemused to find E-Bangladesh, a staunch supporter of the campaign for trial of war crimes and crime against humanity during 1971 war of Bangladesh independence by marauding Pakistan army and their local Bangla-speaking Islam-pashand militia and collaborators, is down after a spammer knocked the site down. It seems that some quarters over-zealous of E-Bangladesh’s pro-active role in upholding pluralism, democracy, secularism and human rights have dented the site, albeit temporarily. I wish E-Bangladesh will be back in cyberspace soon and continue to contribute it due role.

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