Who I am?

First of all I am the Science and Technology Secretary of London Metropolitan Awami League Unit.

A civil engineer specialist in building control services in United Kingdom, an environmental health consultant, a free lance Journalist, a cyber activist from the Bangladesh Awami Family  and of course a blogger………..

My professional membership:

  • Member of ASCE since 2005
  • Graduate member of ICE since 2006
  • Member of CIEH since 2007
  • Incorporate Member of CIOB since 2009
  • Member of NUJ since 2006
  • Technical Member of IOSH  since 2010

I am also working in the following organization.

  • The Chairman, Amar MP Social Volunteer Organization
  • Publisher. The Brick Lane Fortnightly
  • Host, Bangladesh Genocide Archive
  • Trustee, Amarfoundation.org.uk
  • Publisher, Amarprokashoni.com
  • Producer, Amarfilm.com
  • Admin, Amarblog.com
  • Publisher, EBangladesh.com
  • Consultant Engineer, Techshed.com

Banner: Buddhist Devotees fly ‘Fanush’ (Hot Air Balloon) to honor Lord Buddha and all the departed soul during the eve of ‘Parbarana Purnima’, one of a religious festival of Buddhists and they loves to enlighten the sky with Fanush. Myth says whoever creates this Fanush and touches it, is earning sacred in his account. Dhaka, Bangladesh. October 03 2009.by: Wahid Adnan,DrinNEWS.


13 responses to “Who I am?

  1. Wow! I am the first commentator of this page and second one of this blog 🙂

    Liked your blog… but… well the writings are too short (don’t take it as criticism 😀 ). As it is new, I hope it’ll be flourished day by day… 🙂

    Wish you the best…

  2. Dear m@q, thanks for visiting. Hope, I will start writing soon.

  3. Liked your site Sushanta. Look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Thank you sushanta
    I am blogger of amarblog
    This visite is just for friendship.

  5. It is fine site as like you
    but where is bengali,
    set it for us
    thank you

  6. Shakhawhat Hossain

    I m pleased. It is excellent

  7. I impressed of you..
    Well done.

  8. Nice to visit your site.Thanks to select that picture in your site. Im Nuruzzaman Santu,Bangladeshi. Diploma Engineer in CIVIL. I will be feel comfort if you response me in your busy time.

    Thanking You.

    Wish your great success all the year round.

  9. Dada you are a real hero of Bangladesh with your bravery. Best wishes for the young leader of Bangladesh…. Go ahead dada we all are with you….

  10. Nice@Sushu,this is the high time for u .Go ahead,we are wishing for your best.Bangladesh need that type of leader like u .shabash.

  11. Saifur (Ex sust)

    Adab, It’s me your younger brother saifur. Really proud of you.
    Bhalo thakun.

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