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Sushanta Das Gupta- a social media specialist

-Working as an Independent Social Media Consultant since 2006.

-One of the co-founders of the small scale charity Secular Bangladesh Movement UK. We founded Secular Bangladesh Movement UK for serving positive values to the secularism practice in UK and specially in Bangladesh.
Working as a Social Media Manager since it was formed on 2015.

-Worked as a Social Media Co-ordinator at BRICKLANE FORTNIGHTLY LTD from Oct 2014 to Jun 2017 at UK. It runs a Printed newspaper at London and also an online TV named

-While living in UK, I founded ‘Amar MP Social Voluntary Organisation’ on 2017 to connect with Members of Parliament with the voters of Bangladesh to ensure accountability, transparency and neutrality among MPs. This organization also received the mBillionth Award by India’s Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF). “Open Parliament through Digital Engagement”, of Amar MP Social Voluntary Organization, Bangladesh has been nominated in category 7 in the World Summit on the Information Society 2018 Prizes. WSIS an event that is held annually at ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

-Editor of E-Bangladesh, having record of releasing very breaking news since 2006. The first facebook only recruit at National Union of Journalist on 2006 as an editor of E-Bangladesh.

-Founded Genocide Bangladesh Archive, having record of winning of National Digital Innovation Award 2010 in Bangladesh. It is an online archive of chronology of events, documentations, audio, video, images, media reports and eyewitness accounts of the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh in the hands of Pakistan army.

-Founded the largest Bengali Community Blog Amar Blog since 2008 having 150K users.

-Publisher of Amarprokashoni having record of publishing 25+ books. Edited the book ‘’ On Bangladesh’’ of Mr Sajeeb Wazed, the Prime Minister son of Bangladesh.

-Producer of Amarfilm, produced a docufilm ‘’Padmaparer Gonohottya’’.

Open letter to the Members of UK Parliament regarding visit of Khaleda Zia


The Members of UK Parliament
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as a person concerned with the political situation of one of the Commonwealth countries, Bangladesh, with whom UK’s partnership and friendship is a long-standing and time-tested one. As you are aware, Mrs. Khaleda Zia, Chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), is currently in London, UK for a personal visit. You might also be aware that her son the infamous Tareque Rahman has been absconding in London, UK evading serious criminal charges of multiple of corruption and terrorism. These two persons have been directly and indirectly responsible for a lot of destruction, carnage and unrest in Bangladesh.

In recent times, Bangladesh has seen a prolonged period of political turmoil, when BNP along with extremist ally Jamaat-E-Islami unleashed a reign of terrorism in the name of so-called “movement”. Arson, killings and vandalism were everyday occurrences. The Government has now brought the situation under control. Nonetheless, the possibility remains that any day they might embark on their signature tactics of bombing and killing, given their previous course of conduct.

For your ready reference, I have enclosed a number of key documents which will highlight three things:

1) How BNP-Jamaat has caused havoc and mayhem in Bangladesh from January to April 2015 killing and maiming hundreds in the name of their so-called “movement”;

2) What is the truth about Tareque Rahman and why the UK Government should be at the very least cautious and weary of him; and

3) How Khaleda Zia herself is trying to disrupt judicial processes in Bangladesh to cover up her corrupt activities during her stint as Prime Minister of Bangladesh from 2001-06.

As a friend and ally of Bangladesh, it is a moral responsibility of UK to play its due role in the maintenance of democracy, peace and rule of law in the former. Hence, we are requesting that you put efforts to persuade the UK Government in pressuring BNP to halt and refrain from any further destructive activities in the name of so-called “movements”, sever its ties with the extremist and war criminal infested Jamaat-E-Islami and participate in the democratic process via peaceful and legal activities.

Yours Sincerely,

Sushanta Das Gupta
London E6
United Kingdom