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Great domain is on sale

A great domain SOMEWHERE.NET is placed on sale at SEDO. If you would like to own it, visit the sedo page and place your bid.

You will find more 25 days from now to negotiate and then it would be placed on public auction.


Apple customer care :)

Well, I discovered my first real problem with my Iphone.

No matter what mode I was in, or how my phone was set up, I was getting the constant message, “This accessory was not made to work with iPhone.” It asked me below the headline if I wanted to set the phone to Airline mode.

Thing is, there was NOTHING plugged into my phone. I did a reset, tried blowing some compressed air into the dock port and headphone port to loosen any dust that may have been the cause, to no avail.

I did a restore and reset to see if this was somehow software related. It started gradually and incrementally, but now is constantly happening.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this so far.

Then I decided to call to Apple customer care. I explained the problem to the receiver at Apple Customer care team. He told me not to be worried. I was asked to send the phone to them and they will replace it.

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Bricklane dot com: a great domain in my hands

I have few great domains in my hands. Among them is the great. I have few plans regarding the domain to get a quick jump. But still undecided. Do you have any plan regarding the domain?

If so, please feel free to contact with me.

AND for get info about bricklane , here is a quick link from WIKI.

E-Bangladesh is under emergency construction

Please let E-Bangladesh come back after emergency construction.

It is noted that one of the latest posts of E-Bangladesh was spammed from Japan. The post was forced to receive about one lakh twenty eight thousand comments. While deleting all the comments the database was collapsed. That is why we need to bring it back from the backup.

I hope, E-Bangladesh will come back within few days.